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UNSCR 1325

The "Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament" wanted to introduce the 1325 resolution form the UN, the first international regulation about the role of women in armed conflicts, to a general public which wasn’t aware of the situation. Under the concept of “Dóna Veu” (woman, voice), we created a website with a behaviorist narrative that guides the user through a "story" that helps us to contextualize the initiative.


We accomplished the visualization of a social conflict through a web that follows a narrative visual and accesible path that connected with its public.


We developed an entirely new mobile-focused experience of the website to facilitate access to relevant campaign information.


In this campaign we went a step further, we sought to make UN Resolution 1325 known to the general public and ,in turn it, were they who also share the campaign. That is why we designed and distributed a sticker wich was adapted to the initiative, having its own meaning, and turning the campaign into a participatory phenomenon, in addition we were joined by several politicians and influencers.

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