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European Days of Local Solidarity

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Platforma, institution supported by "Non-State Actors – Local Authorities" programme by the European Commission, asks us to develop a communication campaign for the European Days of Local Solidarity, an international initiative with the aim of promoting local solidarity as a tool for global change.

By using an emotional and human graphic style, not very common for institutional campaigns, we managed to bring a political initiative to society. We created the concept "Big changes come from small actions", insight with which to transmit to the cities that, although some are small, can generate a global change.

EDLS Identity

We defined this change in four images: peace, poverty, education and sustainability.

Through gestures with hands we symbolized 4 global issues and illustrated them with fingerprints, a human element that makes us unique and not discriminate by sex or origin, representing that the small actions by coming together generate big changes


To facilitate and encourage interest in the initiative we should show simplicity and sobriety, so we base the interface on simple layouts with only the essential elements and a slight use of animations that will bring fluidity to the UX


To keep an optimal user experience in any device, is an essential requirement to make easy the access and encourage interest to our audience. But moreover... Look at it! It looks incredible our design inside these devices!

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