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Cannes Lions Award Touching Masterpieces
Laus Award Touching Masterpieces

The Geometry Prague agency asked for our help in an interesting challenge. A project that in coordination between the National Gallery of Prague , the tech company Neurodigital and the Leontika Ong Foundation was going to change the way blind people saw art and bring it closer to them.

"Do not touch" is the first rule we find in a museum. That is the reason why the works can only be contemplated from the view. Allowing everyone to have access to touch the most transcendent sculptures in art history was the goal.

Touching Masterpieces
Touching Masterpieces Touching Masterpieces

For this, was recreated 3 historical sculptures were recreated in 3D & VR: Venus de Milo, Michelangelo's David and Nefertiti's Bust to allow blind people, through haptic gloves developed by Neurodigital, could perceive each of the details of the sculptures.

Our labor was to design and develop a linear microsite, focused on the project narrative, where the 3D / VR will be provided in a completely open way, give access to the gloves, acquire and provide the information to visit the expositions that will be presented in a set of distinguished spaces for all Europe.

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